Stupid Rain. I Love You.

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Know what's weird? I really enjoy rain. Not so much storms, but Rain is pretty sweet. It's cleansing and cool and at times, a blessing. Unfortunately, I am one of those people that tends to be affected by rain.

Thus, today, Chris is being stupid.

I wake up, and before I even know about the rain, in my still half-sleep state I get a little stressed at my boyfriend. Then after I'm done with that, once I've had time to let the rain set in and my day begin, I've been all stupid and doubting and moody. Stupid Rain.

At least it's Friday, right? At least I can enjoy a weekend without classes. Granted, I have some major homework to catch up on, but that's better than class. And I get to see Nate tonight!! Tonight is also Rachel's senior Recital. I'm so excited for her! She's going to do great! After that Jess and I are headed to see Role Models (which I've seen already) with Nate. And maybe Sarah and James. They should let us know soon.

I also HAVE to workout today. Stace and I missed our last two days, so I think we better go today. My head is still hurting from yesterday but at least I'm not longer scared to move. Yesterday was bad. Horrible. Completely Incapacitated.

Anyway, now I'm running late to class if I'd like to eat at all, so I'm gonna go do that. Then dishes. Woo having responsibilities. Wish I had a stinking dishwasher. :[