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...granted to the girl on her knees, begging her God to show her the way.

Miscommunications and Misunderstandings... Still suck. But Reconciliation is a healing balm to the hurt of a misunderstanding.

There's a line of what's ok and what isn't. A line of appropriate joking and justified humor.

...Crossing that line can have bad ramifications. Ramifications that can include a boyfriend who is so upset by not taking the trust of your relationship seriously, that he genuinely struggles to decide whether or not to work through this screw up.

To all those who helped calm Justin down and show him the remorse I was feeling, and how badly I was willing to work to not mess up at this again... Thank You. You are some of the people I love most right now.

My mouth runs away from me. Often. And this is something that I need to control.

Ephesians 4:29 -Let no foul or polluting language, nor evil word nor unwholesome or worthless talk [ever] come out of your mouth, but only such [speech] as is good and beneficial to the spiritual progress of others, as is fitting to the need and the occasion, that it may be a blessing and give grace (God's favor) to those who hear it.

Do you see that? No Worthless talk. There needs to be purpose behind everything that I say. In order for that to be true, there needs to be thought behind everything that I say. Even more than there needing to be a purpose, there needs to be edification. How can I hope to build a strong relationship with anyone, let alone my boyfriend, if I'm not choosing to edify those I love? My words cannot be tearing down those people, but instead strengthening my relationships.

So, as for this reconciliation. Nothing comes easy and relationships have problems that need to be worked through. So of course it may take a little time to heal and get back to normal, but that we're trying is the important thing.

Anyway, I have packing to get done if I plan to work out today before going to Springfield. Twilight premieres tonight!!! I'm so freaking excited, you don't even know. I'm 21 and stoked about this movie, if anyone has issues with that, too bad. I'm embracing the part of myself that just wants to enjoy being carefree and entertained.

I'll probably come rave or rant about it tomorrow... but yeah. Bye!