In The Beginning...

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...Christina wrote a blog.

Truthfully, I am not sure where to begin. Which is precisely the issue. Why am I writing this blog and what's my purpose?

Well, I can tell you why at least. I feel like lately I've just had way too much bottled up. So this is my place to... uncork. If you will. So there's no censoring or secrets here. Unless of course I decide to hide a post from you all, then you won't even know about it. Good plan, yes? Honestly, I want to be as open and genuine as possible. Even if there is no one to read this, this is about the 50 Billion things constantly tumbling through my brain. They aren't all pretty, but they're all me.

So what's my purpose?? I'm not sure. Am I here to be emo and complain and just vent as if this were my Diary? Not sure. Am I here to entertain you all with my unfailing wit? It's possible. Or Am I here because I need someone else to get it? Sure, why not?

I think I'm here, because if I don't let out these words that are inside me, I really might explode.

So I'm sorry if I tend to get a little emo and sad, but that's a large part of who I am, especially when I'm hormonal.
I'm also sorry if you don't like some of the things that I say. The goal is to be open and honest and if that's going to bother you, then you can find yourself another blog to read.
I'm sorry if my Grammar or Spelling aren't perfect. They'll be what I intend them to be, but they may not be your idea of perfect. Deal.
And finally, I'm sorry if I don't censor myself. I'm not as perfect as I might lead you to believe, and sometimes the most effective way to express that is through choice words. If it's ever an entry where it's bad, I promise to warn you.

Here we are I guess... One post down, who knows how many left to write. I promise as your author I will try to update you on both the good and the bad, but more than anything, I promise to be me. Happy, Sad, Grouchy, Hyper, or just plain Relaxed. I'll always be me.

Now, it's time I get sleep so that I can get through another day. Night.