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My Uterus and I really just need to have a talk.

I'm being cranky and moody and it isn't fair.

Someone tell me to quit it, k? Thanks.

I love my friends, I can't wait to live together... And I really miss my boyfriend :[


OH! The Job news... I will be starting at the Chesterfield Galaxy (a different theater location) On Friday. I'm really excited that this means things work out with our apartment... And Really sad I'm leaving my friends. I'll miss everyone.

It's Comforting...

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That I wrote you a long blog about reconciliation and working through things...Since then, Justin and I haven't had any fights. Times were hard for awhile, but not because he and I weren't doing ok, but because sometimes life is hard. And that's ok. Right now Life is terrible for him. But he and I are doing really well. And I'm thankful for the relationship God has blessed us with.

Occasionally I think about you, Blogger, and feel bad that I haven't updated... So here is my timeline... REAL fast :P

Justin - Chemo
and potentially moving jobs? I don't know.

I'll let you know what I find out tomorrow! Hopefully good news that will make this all easier :]

Good Night!


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is something I've come to learn I can't stand.

...It's a new lesson, it's an important lesson... Pushing me is the fastest way to make me run.