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Ruins one's enjoyment of an exciting moment in life.

I Graduate 3 weeks from Friday. THREE. That's awesome, right? Of course! And all of the graduating Art Majors have to put together a senior show in the art gallery. Also, very cool. Except... it's expensive.

No Seriously... EXPENSIVE. At least my parents are helping me out and paying for it... But I walked out of Kinko's yesterday majorly weighed down by guilt. I called my mom to tell her the bad news and was just so upset I told her not to get me anything more for Christmas. She did a great job of telling me not to be ridiculous and that it was ok, because by graduating early, I'm saving money. But still, I feel bad. I can't believe anyone could expect me to accept more gifts.

I should be excited about this show, about graduating, really I just feel bad.

I'm also stressed. Three major things left to get done this semester. I can do it, right? Right.

I'm going to go back to taking notes on a movie. Ciao!